Through the darkness, I can see your light

And you will always shine and I can feel your heart in mine.

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⋆ • ☆ ˚⊹ · valιcнoυ ☆ ⋆˚ ✦ . •
Nickname: Valichou
House: Hufflepuff
Age: Present minus 198𝟺
Status: Mentally taken
Location: East Coast
Personality: ISFP
I am the only child of Louise and Yves. I am a passionate fangirl of many things. My biggest obsession is the tv show Supernatural. I also love going to conventions related to it. My favorite actor of all-time is Jared Padalecki who plays Sam Winchester on the tv show. He has helped me during a very dark time of my life. He is the light of my darkness. I owe him my life. I even consider him the love of my life, too. His Always Keep Fighting campaigns came to the right moment for me. For the first time, I knew that I was not alone.
My Journal is where I am writing about my daily life, my fandoms, and my struggles with mental health. I am struggling with Anxiety Disorder since 2O16, with Bipolar Disorder since 2OO6, and with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder since 2O1𝟺. My Journal is friends-only. If you want to get to know me, you are free to add me as a friend, but please, let me know. I will not tolerate any random adds. If I see you doing it, you are going to be blocked. I am serious about it. Just. Do. Not. Do. It.
I am not going to add anybody under 18. If you are under age, and I add you, this is because I know you personally from another social network and you showed me maturity before. No Donald Trump Supporters, either. If you are against gay rights, if you are a racist, if you are to judge me for my obsessions, do not bother. I will be glad to add you back if you are nice and respectful. Just fill out the form at the sticky update.
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